I believe it is arguable that far too often we as individuals dismiss others based on nothing more than appearance. The society in which we live has instilled a notion within individuals that subtly communicates anything ‘different’ should be abolished or alienated, and I find such notion to be disturbing.

I am not innocent when it comes to this societal philosophy. I have judged persons based on appearance more than once in my life, and looking back upon my behaviour causes me to feel disappointment and disapproval. However, looking back at my shallow behaviour also prompts me to question why we are so easy to judge others when we acknowledge that they refuse to abide by what society has dictated as normal, or acceptable. Is it perhaps human nature to reject abnormal, and to fear it? If so, does this mean that humans are naturally malicious as opposed to benevolent?

When you consider how we alienate individuals when they fail to comply by what we personally dictate as normal, it becomes apparent that we live in an incredibly judgmental society. We are constantly exposed to media images that suggest what beauty or power should resemble, when really beauty and power are two components of personal identity that are entirely subjective. We as humans are free to choose how we wish to express ourselves, yet so often we scrutinize persons who flourish outside of societal norms.

Choosing to discriminate against someone who represents themselves in an alternate manner is an example of rejection, and doing so entirely opposes the idea of acceptance. Acceptance is being conscious of differences in individuals but choosing to embrace them anyways, and choosing to focus on who they are as a person more so than what they look like as a person.

Acceptance can be challenging, but it is a beneficial challenge. By accepting others, you ultimately possess the ability to see past societal constructions and to rebel against societal norms.

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