Dedication in Regards to Personal Businesses

I feel as though my sister, Danielle, fails to receive enough credit for the incredible effort she issues towards her small business.

Danielle is the owner and operator of her own produce business titled Earthly Delights. She plants, grows and hand-picks all of the products available for purchase in her stand herself, and her undeniable passion for her work is blatant in the way she presents her produce. Danielle began her business approximately four years ago, and despite encountering some obstacles in the beginning of her business, each year she exceeds her retail goals and she continues to expand in regards to both products and customers.

Not only does Danielle manage her business herself, she also ensures her business is advocated through means of social media. She has a Facebook page titled Earthly Delights which she updates daily, and her gratitude of her customers is palpable in each and every post. She also advertises her business via Snapchat and Instagram, and in doing so she displays her knowledge of media advertising and the ways in which social media can unveil new opportunities.

Danielle has expanded her business as of this year, and she now offers personal baking and bath product development. It is arguable that she will continue to expand her business opportunities each year, and I look forward to witnessing her up and coming successes.

My sister is a fantastic example of the dedication required to operate a successful small business. As opposed to being defeated and held back by the obstacles she encounters in her journey, she chooses to use such obstacles as encouragement to push the success of her business even further. I believe Danielle is a prime example of the commitment involved with establishing a small business, and I am proud to know I have helped her achieve success in small efforts along the way.

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