Ingrown Toenails

Dealing with an ingrown toenail can be a tremendous nuisance. I recently went to a podiatry clinic in St. Catharines to have a procedure done on both of my big toenails because they were ingrown, so I determined it to be beneficial to provide my readers with some information regarding ingrown toenails.

An ingrown toenail occurs when there is pressure placed on the edge of a nail into the skin of the toe surrounding such nail. Once the nail gains enough force and pressure and penetrates the skin, inflammation and discomfort develop. As for why individuals experience ingrown toenails, there are three main reasons: improper toenail trimming, wearing shoes that are too small and constrict toe movement, and heretics.

I have dealt with my ingrown toenails for years, however this past summer their condition worsened and I was experiencing a lot of discomfort. I went to a podiatrist in St. Catharines, and after I was told that my ingrown nails were chronic and likely would not better on their own, I decided to have my nails wedged. Wedging is when the outer pieces of the toenail are removed in order to correct the ingrown portion of the nail and to remove inflammation, and a chemical is poured on the wound to prevent the nail from growing back. The procedure itself was painless, as I was given local anaesthetic, and despite my big toes hurting now I am comforted to know that is it highly unlikely I will ever have to deal with this issue again. The procedure has a 92% success rate.

If left untreated, ingrown toenails can lead to infection and can even hinder an individual’s mobility. I would highly recommend the wedging procedure to any person who deals with chronic ingrown toenails as opposed to correcting the issue individually, as I attempted to do. Salt water soaks are often the solution to minor ingrown toenails, but not more serious cases such as my own.

If you would like to know the clinic I visited to have my procedure done, please do not hesitate to ask!


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