The Generalizations in Regards to Individual Learning Styles in Academia

I created a post a while back that addressed the numerous flaws that exist within the university educational system, however there is one tremendous error I failed to discuss in such post. My sister actually brought this issue to my attention, such issue being how education systems and institutions in general fail to acknowledge the existence of individual learning styles amongst persons.

University, college and elementary/high school curriculums tend to formulate their educational systems in a manner that entirely generalizes all students and fails to recognize that not all individuals learn the same way. Considering there are many different types of learning styles, for example visual learners, auditory learners, reading/writing learners and kinesthetic learners, it is troublesome t0 comprehend that educational systems do not incorporate the diversity that exists amongst persons and how they learn within their curriculums. It is entirely unrealistic to assume that all students will be able to understand and grasp content they are being taught in the same exact manner, and this realization prompts me to question why more effort has not been made in an attempt to correct this flaw in educational institutions.

I would argue that a main reason why this error has not been corrected results from cost concerns. Yes, it would be tedious and expensive to develop a curriculum in a way that offers the same content in different teaching forms, however choosing to ignore this issue and continue on with the current system is essentially setting students up for failure. How can we expect students to succeed and excel in their learning when they are being forced to adhere to a pre-determined teaching style? This entire ideology is deeply flawed, and it certainly requires more attention than what it is currently receiving.

Education and schooling is hard enough for students, let alone when they are being taught information in a manner that they fail to comprehend. I hope this issue can earn more attention in order to be corrected for the sake of students.

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