Second-Hand Retail Stores

In st. Catharines, there are two second-hand stores located within close proximity to each other. Plato’s Closet and Goodwill are situated on Glendale Avenue, both across from the Pen Centre, and I have visited both simply out of curiosity. I actually visited Plato’s Closet last October because I was in need of some items to complete a Halloween costume, however after this particular visit I have entered the store several more times over the duration of the year.

Second-hand stores are wonderful for different reasons. They are an excellent means for persons who are struggling financially to purchase clothing and other household items at a discounted price, and they are also fantastic clothing stores to shop at in general. Plato’s Closet actually offers a sell option, meaning you are able to donate items to the store and receive a minimal amount of cash for the clothing in return. From my understanding, Plato’s Closet takes the retail price of the item you are donating and automatically discounts at least 50%, as that is what they sell their items for. From the discounted 50%, you as the seller receives half of this amount in cash. In my opinion, if you are donating clothing to a second-hand store you should ideally do so without expecting compensation in return, however it is beneficial to know that Plato’s Closet offers this policy.

I feel as though persons who shop at second-hand stores often encounter criticism and scrutiny for doing so, arguably because second-hand stores are seen as less respectable than high-end retail shops. I think this social criticism is invalid, however, because second-hand stores offer the exact same items higher-end retailers sale. The only difference is that the items in second-hand stores have been worn before, though even this is not always the case. I myself purchased a pair of hardly-worn Guess jeans from Goodwill for a mere $8.00, and quite frankly I do not believe there is any argument that can change my opinion on what a find they were.

If you even have the opportunity to explore a second-hand store, please do so. It is incredible what you may find.

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