Cleansing Oils: Are They Worth It?

Being a frequent user of heavy and full coverage foundations, I find myself struggling to designate a product that successfully removes all of my makeup prior to actually washing my face with a cleanser.

I have been experimenting with makeup-removing wipes for a couple of months, and while they perform adequately in regards to removing makeup, they are not entirely effective. I have found that often times when I make use of makeup-removing wipes, I have to use two or three in order to remove all of the makeup from my face. This can become costly quite quickly, and the friction from makeup wipes on your skin can furthermore irritate acne and blemishes.

I decided to do some research about different ways to remove makeup from skin, and I came across several methods I have previously experimented with. Micellar water is a popular makeup-removing product, and while many individuals swear by this method, I did not find that it worked for me. After watching some YouTube videos and visiting the Sephora website, I concluded that perhaps a cleansing oil was my next best option in hopes of finding an effective makeup-removing product.

I recently purchased the Sephora Collection Supreme Cleansing Oil, and after using it for a couple of days I am confident in saying that I quite enjoy this product. It retails for $19.00, which is an affordable price, and it contains cottonseed oil which is the main ingredient responsible for removing makeup from the skin. I simply wet my face, with all of my makeup on my skin, and massage the oil into my skin until my makeup is removed and I rinse it off. I use approximately three pumps, and I have found that this product removes makeup from my face far more effectively than makeup-removing wipes.

There are numerous types of cleansing oils available for purchase in both local drugstores and beauty stores, and if you are looking for an alternative to makeup-wipes I recommend trying out a cleansing oil.

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