Studying Techniques

This coming Wednesday I have a midterm for my Gender and Politics course, and despite being quite busy over my reading week, I did manage to dedicate some time to reviewing my notes for my upcoming test. While I was studying, it came to my attention that there are numerous ways individuals study, and so I figured I would share what works best for me in terms of memorization with you.

I will be forward in stating that I really do not enjoy studying, and I would argue that a majority of persons share this opinion. Studying can be incredibly frustrating when it becomes apparent that you simply cannot memorize a component of a cell or the year in which George Washington was born, no matter what technique you experiment with. When I personally become particularly agitated or frustrated with myself while studying, I stop, take a breath, and try to approach the information from a different perspective. If this too fails to work, I will take a break and isolate myself from the information I am reviewing for a temporary period of time. Often times a break is needed in order for your brain to comprehend all of the facts and information you are reading over.

The technique that works best for me personally in regards to studying is repetition. I read a fact or a sentence aloud dozens of times until it is engrained in my memory, and then every ten minutes or so I will repeat the fact aloud once more. I perform this process until I am entirely confident that I will be able to recall the information come time for my exam, and I feel as though it is an uncomplicated and successful studying technique.

Of course, all persons learn differently and therefore have different studying tricks that may work exceptionally for them, but may not work at all for another. The real trick is to experiment with various studying techniques in order to determine which works best for you.

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