Film Review: A Girl Like Her

I recently viewed a film titled A Girl Like Her, and such film is available on Netflix. The movie is categorized as a drama, however it could arguably also be categorized as a documentary considering the way in which the film is portrayed.

This movie depicts the life of Jessica Burns, a Sophomore at South Brookdale High School, and the cruel and malicious harassment she experiences at the hands of Avery Keller, a fellow classmate. Jessica and Avery were good friends when they were younger, however when the girls become students in high school, their relationship dynamic alters dramatically and Avery dedicates her life to bullying Jessica. Feeling overwhelmed and trapped, Jessica and her close friend Brian decide to document the violent behaviour and harassment being exuded by Avery in Jessica’s direction, and do so through means of filming Jessica’s days at high school through a hidden camera attached to her shirt.


The film begins with Jessica attempting to commit suicide with a bottle of prescription medicine she finds in her parents medicine cabinet. She overdoses but does not die, and slips into a coma that lasts for the majority of the film. The remaining time in the film displays the ways in which Jessica’s parents and Brian struggle to cope with the reality of what has happened through means of a documentary team that comes into the high school to interview students on what has happened and to ultimately understand why Jessica was so extreme in her behaviour. The film crew quickly learns that Avery Keller is the reasoning behind Jessica’s attempted suicide, and it becomes apparent that Avery’s choosing to harass Jessica results from her poor quality of life at home and her relationship with her family.

I believe this film is a spectacular display of the realities that exist within the realm of bullying. Not only does the movie portray the severe consequences that can result from bullying, but it furthermore gives insight as to why individuals decide to bully others. I highly recommend viewing this film in order to comprehend the harsh reality of bullying and harassment, and I feel as though it could benefit a majority of individuals.

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