Aggressive Protesting

Yesterday afternoon, while driving past Brock, I noticed a man standing on a very busy sidewalk just off of the school’s property protesting. While I fail to have an issue with protesting and think that when performed properly it can be a highly effective tool, this particular white male was holding a sign that displayed the message “Trump is right, fuck China, Fuck Mexico!” and furthermore had a megaphone to broadcast his racial slurs and discriminatory statements to a wide array of students and passerbys. The sidewalk the man was protesting on is the main route to take in order to reach Brock’s International Studies building which is where a majority of Brock’s cultural and ethnic students have their classes, meaning this man’s protesting was intentionally located in close proximity to these students.

This morning I received an email via my Brock account addressing this protesting incident, and an article form The Brock Press was addressed to such email. You can read the article here:

The protestor was eventually removed from the premises following an altercation with a Brock student, and said man has been charged with assault. The protestor’s name is Frank Bracken, and he resides in Fort Erie.

There are multiple aspects of this scenario that perturb me. Firstly, I am unsure why exactly this man was protesting and supporting Trump in Canada. Perhaps if he had done his protesting over the border he would have received a warmer welcome. Secondly, I find it difficult to fathom what exactly this man was hoping to gain from his aggressive and discriminatory protesting. It is arguable that he was counting on an angry reaction from students, and he certainly received this reaction. Thirdly, I struggle to understand how a person can be so ignorant and furthermore bluntly disrespectful of other ethnicities. This man chose to protest using racial slurs in Canada, which is recognized as a multi-cultural country, and furthermore in an area filled with educated individuals prepared to counter this man’s argument. Is this man honestly that stupid?

I sincerely hope I do not have to witness such aggressive and inappropriate protesting again in my life, and I also hope this form of protesting does not become the norm.

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