Unprofessionalism in the Workplace

Earlier this morning I made a phone call to my family physicians office inquiring about a prescription. The woman who greeted me on the other end of the line was incredibly rude and belittling, and her behaviour prompted me to compose a post regarding the occurrence of unprofessionalism in the workplace.

From my own understanding, one of the requirements involved with working in customer service is to maintain a professional and respectful attitude whilst interacting with individuals. Of course this attitude is not always easy to maintain, however if your job requires frequent interaction with persons then it is expected that you will abide by this requirement. If you simply are not someone who has a high level of patience or who struggles with tolerance, refrain from working in customer service. It is probable that there are numerous individuals seeking a job that would perform their duties more efficiently than persons who are already hired in specific occupations. Personally, I do not possess a high level of patience, so I have concluded that I am likely not the best individual to work in customer service. That being said, I feel as though are a tremendous amount of persons working jobs in customer service that share the characteristic of limited patience with myself, and it is these persons who would likely benefit from working in a different sort of occupation. In doing so they would create job opportunities for persons better suited for their former job, and perhaps occurrences of unprofessionalism in the workplace would decrease as a whole.

I would argue that as society progresses, the amount of unprofessionalism in the workplace will elevate. Perhaps an additional reason for this occurrence aside from persons working in an occupation that does not compliment their personality traits results from individuals lacking kindness and manners. It is alarming to acknowledge that young children are now being raised without knowing manners or respect, and this comprehension certainly contributes to unprofessionalism in the workplace.


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