Gift-Giving During Christmas

Although it is a rather unfortunate realization, I would argue that a majority of persons are unable to express enthusiasm in regards to the Christmas holidays because of the expectation that they will provide gifts for various persons in their life. I am unsure why this expectation exists, however it seems to be a socially recognized norm that Christmas requires the giving and receiving of gifts. I could ramble on about how giving and receiving gifts is not the true purpose of the Christmas holidays, however perhaps I will save that for a separate post. In this post I would like to address some alternatives to spending a fortune on Christmas gifts simply because we feel pressured to do so.

I believe the concept of Secret Santa is a wonderful idea for persons who feel overwhelmed by the price of gifts during the Holidays. The idea of Secret Santa is to place the names of persons in a family or a friend group in a hat, and for each person to draw a name. The name you draw is the person you are to purchase one gift for, and by doing so I believe persons are able to avoid stress and furthermore save money because they are only expected to buy for one person. Secret Santa also allows for the opportunity for more thought and effort being put into one gift, because an individual does not have ten other gifts to burden their conscious with.

I would argue that stress and financial guilt are the last things individuals should be forced to worry about during the holidays, which is why I think Secret Santa is a strategy that could be implemented into many families and friend groups. My family on my dad’s side decided to engage in this concept for this Christmas season, and I think all of us are content with doing so.

If you have yet to experiment with the Secret Santa method, I urge you to do so, and in participating in this alternative to gift-giving it is probable that you will provide tremendous relief for at least one person.

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