The Danger of Resisting Change

I would argue that it is fair to state that human beings are implicitly creatures of habit. We tend to adhere to schedules and regimes that become efficient and comfortable, and in doing so we allow ourselves to fear change and to refrain from becoming vulnerable to it.

It would be hypocritical to preach that change is a necessary component of life and furthermore success considering I am definitely an individual who enjoys consistency. I don’t necessarily fear or resist change, but I certainly settle into habitual routines and become upset or uncomfortable when my routine is disrupted. I would argue that this impulse is a common personality characteristic amongst numerous persons, but I fail to acknowledge it as a good thing in all aspects.

Change is, in simplest terms, an absolute necessity in order to move forward or gain progress in a specific context. It can undoubtedly be hard and uncomfortable, but life was not granted to us to be carried out in the same manner day after day. Change is required in order to unveil new perspectives and interpretations of things, and without it it is probable that the human race would not be nearly as advanced as it is today.

I think the main issue individuals have with change is fear. We fear the unknown and we fear unpredictability, two components of change that are inevitable. But fear and the unknown are also inevitable components of life in general, so avoiding change is, in essence, quite dismal. Things change and surprise us in ways that are beyond our control, however I think they are intended to do so. Without change, we would all live rather boring lives.

As challenging as it may seem, change is something that has to be embraced as opposed to being resisted. Reluctance is not powerful enough to suppress change, and something changes, whether they be big or small, can lead to wonderful things.

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