As I have stated on my blog numerous times before, I am hoping to pursue a Masters Degree in English next September once I have graduated and earned my degree this coming Spring. I will be graduating this Spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Honors English with a minor in Women and Gender Studies, though the concept of a Masters Degree in English has always enticed me, hence why I wish to pursue it.

In order to be accepted into Brock’s Masters in English program, I have to possess an overall average of 75%, which is derived from my third and fourth year courses. My average for third year was 74.5%, meaning I have quite literally been working my ass off this year in order to achieve marks above 75% in hopes of earning the average required to be accepted into the Masters program for 2017.

While a 75% average does not sound as though it would be that difficult to attain in English Language and Literature studies, you would be surprised. The problem with studying English is that essays and arguments are entirely subjective – they can be refuted by a professor, whereas studies such as math and science are objective because there is only one correct answer when solving an equation or a formula.

This entire semester I have been experiencing a tremendous amount of anxiety in regards to pursuing a Masters in English. On each assignment I get back that fails to have a mark of 75% or above, I immediately get discouraged and begin to panic about potentially being turned away from the Masters program due to an insufficient average. However, driving home from school yesterday and being deep in thought, I came to a wonderful realization. I realized that even if I am rejected from Brock’s Masters program, I will be able to confidently say that I gave my absolute hardest and most dedicated effort, meaning I will essentially have nothing to regret. Of course I am hoping to be accepted, but I realized that the panic I have been experiencing over the Masters degree is unnecessary considering I am working so hard academically.

Acceptance is a wonderful thing, and I want to clarify that acceptance does not mean giving up. It simply means going with the flow and being open to unexpected circumstances, and it is a fantastic feeling to achieve.

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