The Rarity of Good Samaritans

Yesterday afternoon my mom and I went into town to do a couple of errands. We had to visit several different locations in Brantford, meaning we were in and out of the vehicle, and at some point my mom had lost her wallet. The two of us re-traced our steps and re-visited all of the locations we had been to earlier in the afternoon, however we were unable to locate my moms wallet. We both figured it had been stolen, and my mom was extremely upset considering her wallet contained a lot of important materials that are quite difficult to replace and require a lot of work to do so.

This morning my mom received a phone call from a man who had found her wallet lying in one of the parking lots we had been in yesterday. It had managed to fall out of her pocket as she was getting back into the vehicle, and apparently this man, who works night shift in a store in the plaza my moms wallet was found, noticed her wallet on the ground and brought it back home with him once he had finished work. He looked up our house phone number, called my mom and brought her wallet to our house early this morning to return it to her. He told my mom he had found four different wallets in the parking lot throughout the duration of this year, and he had returned each and every one of them to their rightful owners.

The cash my mom had in her wallet had been stolen (we figure someone saw her wallet lying on the ground, removed the cash and threw her wallet back down in the parking lot) however everything else was still inside. My mom was so incredibly grateful for the man who located her wallet and returned it to her with a good and honest heart, and people like this particular man are a rare find in contemporary society.

It is so refreshing to come across persons who still perform good deeds, and I am sure my mom feels as though she is indebted to this man. To him, returning her wallet was probably an insignificant deed, however this man and his good deed means the world to my mom.

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