Food Review: Love Grown’s Power O’s Cereal

If you’re an individual who is intolerant to both wheat and corn, it can be extremely difficult to find a cereal that is suitable for you to eat. Most gluten-free cereals are corn based because corn is used as a wheat replacement, but since I am mildly intolerant to corn and majorly intolerant to wheat, I had essentially given up on discovering a form of cereal I could enjoy for breakfast.

Approximately one month ago I was browsing the gluten-free aisle in the Sobey’s in FontHill, and I came across a new product that I had not seen before. It was a cereal that, to my astonishment, was made without corn or wheat ingredients – instead, it was composed of beans.

Yes, you read that correctly. I purchased a cereal that is made from beans, and let me tell you it is damn good. The company that manufactures the cereal is Love Grown, and their Power O’s cereal contains a mixture of navy, lentil and garbanzo beans, and comes in chocolate, honey, original and strawberry flavours. They are free of wheat and corn, and all of the flavours are furthermore vegan so they are flexible in regards to variations in dietary preferences.

I have not tried the chocolate or the original flavour, however I have tried honey and also strawberry, and while strawberry is my preferred flavour both are delicious. I brought a box home from school for my mom to try, and she also really likes Power O’s. I personally enjoy them with unsweetened cashew milk and a sliced banana, and they are both delicious and filling because of their high protein content.

Power O’s are not cheap, nor is any food considerate of dietary restrictions, but for me the price is worth it because they are the only cereal I have discovered that I can eat without any stomach issues. They are definitely available at Sobey’s, and if you see them I urge you to try a box and see for yourself how delicious beans for breakfast can be.



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