Charity Work

This morning over breakfast I was conversing with one of my roommates about her volunteer work at a women’s shelter in St. Catharines. She was explaining to me what exactly she does when she goes there to volunteer, and told me she typically serves food or participates in a wellness seminar with the women in the shelter.

Our conversation prompted me to consider just how rewarding charity work is. Not only is it beneficial for the persons you are selecting to help, but it is furthermore incredibly beneficial for yourself because you are choosing to participate in something that unveils the reality of individuals and their situations in areas close to home. It is an act that exposes oneself to the unfortunate circumstances and scenarios that exist in their very own neighbourhood, and in doing so it encourages one to sincerely appreciate and be grateful for the blessings present in their own lives.

I personally have never really immersed myself in charity work. I have engaged in volunteer work, for example working for the Brant division of the Canadian Cancer Society, participating in Halloween for Hunger and volunteering at the International Villages Festival in Brantford, however I have never volunteered in a shelter, and I feel as though I would really enjoy it.

Discovering locations in need of volunteers in your local area is not a complicated task, and I would argue that a simple Google search would reveal numerous places to volunteer at. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a shelter, either – there are multiple volunteer opportunities that typically exist in most cities and towns, and I encourage you to search for them and designate one to volunteer for.

Volunteer/charity work is an educational and rewarding experience, and aside from providing aid and assistance to others, you are able to provide aid and assistance to yourself in the process.

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