“Hot Girls Wanted” Documentary

Several nights ago I watched a documentary exclusive to Netflix titled “Hot Girls Wanted”. The documentary depicts the reality of sex work, specifically in regards to porn, and portrays the lives of different female porn stars and their reasoning for wanting to enter the realm of pornography.

The film was incredibly interesting and it unveiled a side of porn I was unfamiliar with. It emphasized how the women working in porn typically do so as a means for income and to potentially experience individualistic freedom, however it did so in an incredibly accurate manner. Most of the girls featured in the documentary were eighteen or nineteen years of age, and their reasoning for becoming a porn star was because of their hesitation to attend post-secondary schooling. They wanted to escape their hometowns and felt as though the only way to do so was to become involved in sex work.

The film explained how a majority of girls tend to be active in the porn business for a maximum of three months unless they become a viral phenomenon. They receive quick and hassle-free cash, which is what tempts them to enter the realm of sex work, though find that their income quickly dwindles because of the expenses they are expected to pay, for example food, rent, and bodily upkeep which consists of having a gym membership, purchasing makeup, consistently buying new lingerie, etc.

The documentary was also incredibly educational in regards to the existence of violence against women in pornographic videos. The girls interviewed explained some of the situations they were objected to in their work, and such situations were physically rough. Some examples included forced blow jobs (in which a girl is expected to vomit), bondage and abuse (whips and electro-shock).

Although the subject matter of this documentary may be uncomfortable for some persons, it is undoubtedly an informative film and I encourage you to watch it. It reveals the realistic side of pornography, including the identities of the actors, and in doing so provides reasoning as to why sex work is not something that is deserving of consistent scrutiny.

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