Yesterday evening I got into an argument with my sister via text message. It is arguable that a disagreement between two persons through a mobile device is not the best way to approach a conflict, specifically when said conflict is between you and your sister, however it was late and I refrained from phoning her because I felt as though the conflict would only intensify.

Essentially, my sister told me I have zero tolerance and zero patience when it comes to other persons. I was angry to hear my sister say something so blunt towards me, therefore when I realized she was correct in her statement I became more angry because I did not want to acknowledge that she was correct in her observation. I allowed myself to cool off overnight and texted her this morning to apologize for the way in which I handled our conversation, and I explained to her that she was entirely accurate in her statement.

I have come to realize over time that patience is a quality I lack, as is tolerance. I find myself getting annoyed or irritated with things when they fail to be executed in a timely or organized manner, and while the desire to be productive is not detrimental to a person, failing to possess any patience or tolerance for situations beyond one’s control is.

I was talking to my mom about my struggle to exude patience and tolerance towards others, and she told me one of the best ways to handle situations that irritate me is to abstain from reacting to them immediately. She explained to me that acting rashly is a characteristic closely associated with impatience, and suggested that I instead walk away from a situation that is causing me anxiety and approach it later on after I have allowed myself to realistically digest and process the scenario.

I plan to exercise use of my mom’s suggestion in my life from now on, and I have a feeling it will benefit me.

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