Taking Risks

Yesterday evening I went for coffee with a girl I share several of my university classes with. I have had classes with her almost every year while at Brock, and for some reason I never considered asking her to get together despite the two us sharing a lot of common interests and personality characteristics.

The two of us went for coffee and before we knew it we had been chatting for almost two hours. I couldn’t believe how well we got along, and how much I enjoyed being in her presence. We agreed to get together again soon, and I am already looking forward to whatever our next plan of social interaction includes.

I feel as though my reasoning for refraining from asking her to get together prior to this past week was fear. I was scared to put myself ‘out there’ in a social regard, and I was unsure of how she would react to my request of getting together, and furthermore how our get-together would go. I allowed my insecurities to get the best of me, and my confidence in who I am as a person was diminished because I was fearful of taking a risk and being disappointed.

As soon as I asked my friend to get together, she was excited (much to my surprise) and once we hung out one-on-one I came to the realization that I had been missing out on a potentially wonderful friendship because I was fearful of taking a risk. Risks are daunting and can cause feelings of unease and anxiety, however I would argue that more often than not risks end up paying off in ways one would not have even considered.

I am so grateful that I was able to meet this girl and to get to know her better, and the chance I took in asking her to get together was definitely a beneficial risk. Refrain from fearing potential in life, because you may be surprised at what can come out of it.

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