2017 Makeup Trends

Although 2017 is not yet far underway, there are already numerous makeup trends that have been predicted to take this year by storm in the upcoming seasons. The following information is derived from elle.com, however there are other sources that offer different 2017 makeup trend predictions.

(1) Lip Gloss: This product is not for me, personally, however it has been stated that this 90’s trend will make a full comeback in the upcoming months. This is interesting considering 2016 was dedicated to matte lip products, however change is usually good, right?

(2) No Makeup Makeup Looks: This trend is all about rocking your natural beauty – using minimal foundation and sheer coverage BB creams. I can’t see skin complaining about this one.

(3) Glitter Lips: Again, not for me. But, hey, if you’re confident and bold enough to don a glittery pout, then go for it!

(4) Straight Brows: Forget about defining that arch – apparently 2017 will declare straight brows as the newest fad.

(5) Black Liner: Whether it be worn on the upper or lower lash line, a black eyeliner look is a classic.

(6) Monochromatic Looks: This trend involves wearing similar if not identical shades all over the face, typically demonstrated with eyeshadows, blushes and lip products.

(7) Pinks: Move over, nudes – 2017 is all about pinks, whether it be via lip products or eye shadows.

(8) Liquid Liner: Similar to the black liner trend, a winged eye look never disappoints.

(9) Metallics: Metal-Based shades in regards to makeup are to be expected this year, ranging from gold lips to silver shadows.

(10) Red Mascara: I feel as though this trend could either go really well or really poorly; be careful not to overdo it with this one, otherwise you may look like you’ve developed a case of pink eye.

I cannot say with confidence that I will be experimenting with each and every one of these trends, however if you’re an individual constantly on the hunt for something new and unique, 2017 is definitely going to be the year to let your makeup skills shine.


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