The Benefits of Owning a Himalayan Salt Lamp

A few years ago I purchased myself a Himalayan salt lamp. I think I used it for a month or two before I retired it to a lonely cupboard in my bedroom dresser, however after reading about the many positives this item offers I may have to consider bringing it out of hiding.

Many persons are unaware of just how advantageous salt can be when it is used as a purification method. Himalayan salt lamps contain salt crystals that are derived from the Himalayan mountains, and in order to reap the benefits of a salt lamp to their highest degree a salt lamp should contain Himalayan salt extracts rather than an imitation product.

The lamp itself contains a small bulb within its crystal shape that heats when producing light. The heat from the bulb allows the salt to release negative ions into the air which aid in eliminating pollutants and toxins. These negative ions also diminish the presence of EMF rays in the air (electromagnetic radiation), a type of radiation that is produced by many electrical appliances.

Many users of Himalayan salt lamps believe the lamps bring positive energy into spaces and are therefore therapeutic. It has also been proposed that these lamps promote better sleeping habits, increase energy levels, improve overall lung health and functions and diminish static electricity in air.

Himalayan salt lamps are available for purchase at a variety of different locations, some including Canadian Tire, Amazon and health food stores. Their prices vary depending on their size, but they are not overly expensive considering the many ways they can aid in promoting health and wellness.

I would argue that these devices are necessary more now than ever before because of an increase in air pollutants and EMF rays. Consider experimenting with one yourself in order to determine whether or not they make a positive impact in your home.


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