DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Although Mother’s Day is not for another month or so, I thought I would offer some unique and creative DIY gift ideas ahead of time.

Mother’s Day gifts are always tricky. It is difficult to determine what to give the woman who has given you so much, therefore I think personalized or homemade gifts are a great way to show your appreciation and love for her. My own mom loves anything and everything I give to her as a gift on Mother’s Day, however I would argue the handmade gifts I have given her are what she remembers most.

The following ideas come from myself and from, however there are numerous ways to go about crafting a special gift for your own mom. Don’t be afraid to get creative – chances are your mom will love whatever you come up with.

  • Create a personalized or monogrammed recipe box
  • Make a pop-up card
  • Personalize a mug
  • Decorate a wine bottle with rhinestones and pictures (my roommates did this and it turned out awesome)
  • Make a bathtub tray
  • Create a unique makeup holder
  • Write her a letter
  • Make her/decorate a candle
  • Give her a framed photo of the two of you and decorate the frame
  • Cook dinner for her
  • Bring her breakfast in bed
  • Make her a memory box
  • Decorate flower pots
  • Decorate a vase and give her flowers
  • Build her a pamper kit
  • Write her a poem
  • Bake her something she loves
  • Paint and/or decorate a patio stone for her

These are just a few suggestions for how to go about giving your mom something special this Mother’s Day. All moms are different, so try to think of what your mom really enjoys and go from there. It could seem incredibly simple to you, but to her your handmade gift could be something she cherishes forever.

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