Spring Hair Trends

It is common knowledge that each calendar season presents new hair, makeup and clothing trends that can be incredibly bold and eccentric. I thought I would do some research to determine what the proposed 2017 spring hair trends look like and potentially gain some inspiration myself.

  • Braids: I would argue that braids seem to make an appearance in every season, however I really do not mind. I love braids. They’re great when you need to have your hair out of your face, and they’re beautiful when incorporated into an undo or loose waves. Be creative with braids this Spring – try rocking some double Dutch braids, or even a braided headband. There are thousands of braid tutorials on Youtube, and I promise you will have a firm understanding of braids and there different forms in no time
  • Bobs: Whether they be long or short, symmetrical or asymmetrical, you can expect to see the classic bob make a comeback this Spring.
  • High Ponytails: This look is incredibly easy to complete, and it is easy to spice your high pony up with accessories and braids. Try braiding a piece of hair around your elastic, or use a scrunchie to add a pop of colour.
  • Straight Hair: My flat iron was my best friend in high school, and apparently pin straight strands are making a comeback this Spring. Be sure to use a good quality straightener to avoid damaging your hair, and use a protective serum or oil.
  • Topknot: Messy buns have been in style for quite some time now, but consider adding some elegance to your bun by attempting a ballerina bun, or a braided topknot.
  • Side Ponytails: To create this look, simply tie back hair with an elastic at the nape of your neck and close to one of your ears. Your hair should flow over your shoulder.
  • Beach Waves: This style can be created with some texturizing mousse, or if you’re like me and prefer to avoid hair products when necessary, simply braid your hair prior to going to bed. You will wake up with loose, soft waves fit for the beach.

Are any of these looks appealing to you? Let me know your favourite spring hair look in the comments!

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