How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes, as essential as they are in terms of cosmetic product application, can be a real pain to clean. Makeup becomes caked on the bristles, and it seems as though no matter what you use, you simply cannot entirely clean the brushes. Over time, makeup left in unclean brushes can cause a bacteria buildup on the skin, and in doing so can clog pores and lead to blemishes.

I decided to do some research as to how to clean your makeup brushes with products commonly found at home, and this recommendation from Popsugar sounds as though it would be an effective solution to remove all makeup and grime from your brushes.

All you need is some olive oil and some antibacterial dish soap, mixing two parts of the soap with one part of the olive oil (extra-virgin works best). Wet a brush with warm water, and keeping the brush with its bristles facing downwards, dip it into the mixture and coat it entirely. Using the palm of your hand, swirl the brush around and continue to do so until no more makeup resides in the bristles. Rinse the soap mixture out of the brush with warm water, ensuring the brush is still facing downwards, and place the brush on a towel to dry. If possible, place the brush in a drying position in which it remains facing down to prevent moisture from traveling into the core of the brush and loosening the glue.

My sister swears by this method to clean her makeup brushes, but I personally prefer using Dove soap to clean my brushes. I find it works incredibly well and does not irritate my skin, which is always a good thing, but it really comes down to personal preference. You can also purchase makeup brush cleansers, but really, this method from Popsugar is far cheaper and likely just as effective.



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