More People, Less Food?

I live in a rural area, meaning there is a significant amount of farmland and family-run farms surrounding my own family farm. I would argue that the region in which I live will likely always have agricultural affiliations, however, not all current rural regions can say the same.

My mom and I recently drove down a local road that was once strictly fielded and were quite saddened to discover that the area is now being transformed into a subdivision. We began conversing about how more and more farmland is being sold and converted into development properties, and how this transformation is a glaring concern in regard to the increasing amount of people inhabiting the earth. I genuinely believe that a majority of individuals are unaware of just how consequential the urbanization of rural areas will be fifty years from now when there are more humans populating the earth than ever before but with significantly less food supply because of a lack of space to grow crops.

By no means am I attempting to suggest I have a resolution for this issue, except perhaps to abstain from turning farmland into housing developments. This is obviously a complicated issue considering these new homes are being built because they’re in demand, but at the end of the day, isn’t having food to eat also in demand?

Not only is farmland diminishing, but farmers are, too. This is vastly consequential in terms of food production in the near future, and I strongly feel as though it is an issue that requires immediate attention and further discussion from a variety of different audiences.

The human race is expanding, but farmland, farmers, and agriculture as a whole are being suppressed in the process. If the recently operational dairy farm built on water in Rotterdam isn’t an indication that land is becoming scarce for farmers, I’m not sure what is.

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