When Should I Throw Away Makeup?

It’s never fun when you’re rushing to get ready for work, only to open your tube of mascara and recognize that it looks like wet tar. Or perhaps you apply your foundation with no issues, but when you take a peep in the mirror a few hours later, it’s separated across your face like a world map. Hence why I thought it would be useful to dedicate a post to a makeup disposal guide, if you will, with this information coming from an article via Good Housekeeping.

Face Makeup

  • Liquids should be thrown out after six months.
  • Powders should be thrown out after two years.
  • Pay attention to the consistency of the product when you first purchase it. If you notice it becoming streaky, patchy, or excessively oily on the skin, it’s likely expired.


  • Discard after three months.
  • It’s pretty obvious when mascara gets funky, as it smells super chemically and applies quite clumpy. Try to avoid pumping the wand in and out of the tube as it forces air into the tube and encourages bacteria to flourish.

Eyeliner/Eye Shadow

  • Toss liquid eyeliner after three months
  • Toss cream eyeshadows after six months
  • Toss pencil eyeliners and powder eyeshadows every two years
  • If you notice any of your eye makeup products drying out, chances are it’s time to purchase a new one.

Lipstick/Lip Liner

  • Discard lipstick and lip gloss after two years
  • Discard lipliners after two years
  • Similar to face makeup, if you notice your lip products becoming patchy rather than creamy over time, they’ve like exceededtheir shelf-life.

Nail Polish

  • Toss every two years (some people recommend every year)
  • You’ll know when your polish expires as it becomes super gooey and stringy. Gross.

Skin Care

  • Anti-ageing products should be swapped out every six months.
  • Products in pump bottles should be swapped out yearly.
  • Look for expiration dates on your skincare products, but keep in mind not all products state an expiration date.

Sun Screen

  • Pitch it every six months.
  • Sun screen usually has an expiration date on the package. Keep yours in prime condition by storing it in a dark place.

Hair Products

  • Switch it up yearly.


  • Discard after two years.

I certainly find this information to be useful, but I will admit that I am guilty of not throwing away products when I likely should. If you’re like me, give this list a read, and be sure to check out the original article from Good Housekeeping.

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