Is the Mandarin worth the price?

My Opa recently celebrated his 93rd birthday, and to commemorate such a significant occasion, my family and I, along with some extended family, went to the Mandarin in Hamilton.

I hadn’t been to the Mandarin for probably five or six years, prior to dining there for my Opa’s birthday. I remembered it had a great selection, so I was curious to see if the selection was still as broad as it was when I went I was there last (I went during a field trip in high school).

On weekends, an adult meal costs $30.00, without drinks, to my understanding. Paying $30.00 for a smorgasbord of food seems like a relatively decent meal, in my opinion, and it is buffet style, meaning you can gorge as much as you fancy.

The food was certainly as delicious as I remembered it to be, however, my dad and I noticed that their sushi selection has taken quite a hit (we’re both major sushi fans). In making small talk with a woman waiting in line beside me, I learned that they no longer offer Alaskan king crab legs, which was definitely a bit disappointing to learn as I always look forward to those.

Their hot food selection is dynamite. I was able to eat a wide array of foods even with my food intolerances, and there wasn’t a single thing I consumed that I didn’t enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for Americanized oriental cuisine, authentic oriental cuisine, or classic American foods like pizza, fries and prime rib, I’m pretty sure the Mandarin has covered all of its bases in terms of selection.

Overall, my family and I really enjoyed our time at the Mandarin, and I, for one, would go back again in the near future. The staff is great, the food is tasty, and it’s a reasonable charge.

So, yes, I do believe the Mandarin is worth the price.

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