Hacks for keeping warm

I am that person who is literally always cold.

You can ask anyone in my family – I am consistently complaining that the house is too cold, regardless of the time of year. And yes, the complaints become significantly worse in the winter months.

I actually find my inability to tolerate cold temperatures interesting. The heat rarely bothers me, and I can cool off pretty effectively in the rare situation in which I’m actually warm. But if I am cold, it’s like an instant game changer. Unless I take a steaming hot shower, I cannot, and will not, warm up again.

It’s a real pain in the ass.

However, I have come to learn a few tips and tricks for staying toasty when the temperatures outdoors fall well below zero. These hacks are by no means clinically or scientifically proven, so please keep that in mind if you happen to try them out and find they don’t do a whole lot for you.

As I stated above, my most effective and preferred hack to warm up is taking a hellish temperature shower or bath. There’s nothing like stripping down to your skivvies and feeling hot water envelop your skin, even if it’s a bit painful at first.

If I’ve already had a scalding shower and feel my limbs starting to freeze once more, piling on layers is my go-to. I actually wear a thermal Under Armour shirt I wore when I was playing rugby under my clothes, and the thing is like a God when it comes to retaining body heat. Thick socks and Roots track pants are amongst my favourite things to layer on when I’m cold as well.

Drinking a hot beverage also helps me to warm up. As does using a heated blanket and parking my ass in front of our fireplace and literally warming myself like a rotisserie bird.

You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

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