Is Zaful legit?

I made my first Zaful purchase back in the summer. If I recall correctly, I ordered a couple of shirts, and perhaps a dress.

Last week, my second order from Zaful arrived in the mail, and I thought I could write about my experiences with this retailer, as I believe a lot of people are leery to give it a try.

My second order definitely arrived sooner than the first, and this second time around, I ordered a knit sweater, a short sleeve embroidered crop top, a belt, some fake eyelashes, and a birthday gift for a good friend of mine.

Quite the array of items, I know.

I was somewhat reluctant to place a second order with Zaful because one of the items I ordered back in the summer turned out to be the complete opposite of what I thought I had ordered. I was under the impression I had purchased a black tank top that stopped just below my belly button, however, when I tried it on after it arrived, I wasn’t overly happy to see that the shirt ended where my boobs are.

So, upon making a second purchase, I made a mental note to refrain from buying anything that said or looked cropped on the Zaful site.

My strategy worked.

The belt I received is great quality, very sleek, and has a lot of holes pre-punctured to cater to a variety of different sizes.

The embroidered shirt I ordered is beautiful and will be a great option when the weather warms up.

The knit sweater is cozy and soft and can easily be dressed up or down.

The lashes look dramatic AF and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

And, the birthday gift I ordered for my friend looks just as the items did on the site, and I’m sure the gift will be a hit with her.

Zaful offers free international shipping on orders over $49 (which is a pretty wicked deal) and they have a massive array of selection.

It’s actually somewhat overwhelming how much stuff they carry.

Anyways, if you’ve never made a purchase from Zaful, give it a shot. Perhaps just refrain from cropped items, and be mindful that the sizing tends to run a little smaller (for me, personally).

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