Product review: iPhone XR

My knowledge of phones has never been top notch. I like iPhones, and whenever I’m due for an upgrade, I head into the Bell store and snag a new one.

I recently upgraded from my iPhone 6 to the iPhone XR and thought I would offer my own review of it. I’m no tech guru, but I’ll try my best to be as savvy as possible.

The iPhone XR features “All-screen design. Longest battery life ever in an iPhone. Fastest performance. Water- and splash-resistant. Studio-quality photos and 4K video. More secure with Face ID. The new iPhone XR. It’s a brilliant upgrade,” according to the Apple website.

So far, I can attest to the whole “it’s a brilliant upgrade” component.

Going from an iPhone 6 to this bad boy is a bit of a transition as the XR does not have a home button. To exit out of apps, you swipe upwards from the bottom. To close all apps, you swipe up from the bottom and to the right.

Slightly weird when I first got the phone, but I’m getting used to it.

The screen on this puppy is wicked and is roughly three inches longer than that of my previous iPhone 6, which I appreciate. The clarity is remarkable, as is the battery life, and further, the camera is insane. Portrait mode will likely become my new best friend, and as I’ve always enjoyed photography, I’m sure I’ll be making frequent use of it.

Basic functions like screenshotting and turning the device on and off differ from that of the iPhone 6, but again, it isn’t anything I can’t handle.

The only negative about the XR is the whole no headphones thing. I don’t really support having to go out and spend more money to buy the headphone jack for this phone, considering the price of the phone itself.

Overall, this phone has me pretty darn impressed.

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