Are we encouraging wasteful attitudes?

In conversation with my mom, dad and sister the other day, I had a bit of an epiphany, if you will. We were discussing the ways in which children are being raised these days, and the fact that kids aren’t being taught to appreciate and care for things because they’ve been conditioned to expect new things when old things lose their lustre.

This mentality, which encourages consumerism and perpetuates a wasteful attitude, is incredibly dangerous, in my opinion. It’s on the rise, and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

My family and I were conversing about how my sister and I were raised. From a young age, we were taught to appreciate and care for things to prolong their longevity.

From my own understanding, this lesson isn’t one that’s being instilled in children in contemporary society.

Rather than encouraging kids to make the most of what they have, we’re encouraging them to replace things when they’re a little worn. We are supporting an incredibly wasteful attitude in doing so, and even more, we’re allowing our youth to perceive this consequential mindset as normal.

In an age where new and innovative technology takes precedence, it isn’t difficult to understand why this wasteful attitude has taken over. And it isn’t just children who are practicing this attitude; we all are, and it’s pretty concerning.

The concept of relying on replacements once things lose their newness is something we as a society need to collectively work towards correcting. We’re not doing ourselves or the planet any favours, and we’re becoming entitled and unappreciative in the process. Rather than looking to the new, take a look at what you have already. Care for it, maintain it, and be grateful for it. New doesn’t necessarily mean nicer, and used doesn’t necessarily mean unworthy.

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