Stop buying and start looking at what you have

I’ve been hearing quite a bit about some of us who are using our monetary assistance from the government to purchase things that aren’t exactly essential. The entire concept of the emergency funding from our government is to enable those of us who are financially struggling to be able to maintain a somewhat stable lifestyle – meaning being able to purchase food, pay rent, and cover bills. However, despite knowing how we should be using this money, some of us are choosing to spend it on materialistic items and are only perpetuating the never-ending battle of buying new shit.

I was having a conversation with my sister about this, and she brought up a rather interesting point. She mentioned the concept of house shopping which consists of looking through items we already have stowed away in our homes prior to hitting up our local Homesense to see what sorts of new goodies they’re carrying.

Personally, I find the idea of house shopping to be a great one.

I firmly believe we live in a societal state that has encouraged us to collectively embrace and abide by the notion that buying new things is an essential component of life. We are inundated with messages through media that advertise new and fancy items, but rarely are we exposed to messages that encourage us to reflect on what we may already own and see what we can do with supplies we already have. This notion perturbs me quite a bit, and I have difficulty in comprehending why something new always has to be superior to something older.

The next time you’re hit with the urge to do some shopping for some new clothing or home decor, pause and ask yourself if you’ve gone house shopping. You could very well stumble across something tucked away that would be the perfect fit for what you’re after.

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