Here’s why we have to stop dividing generations

Regardless of which generation we categorically fall into, it’s no secret that there is a palpable amount of tension that exists between them. Baby boomers aren’t big fans of millennials and vice versa; millennials and generation x aren’t exactly pals. The resentment that is quite evident from generation to generation has been around for quite a while, and yet, I question the true purpose of these quarrels.

It’s understandable that there are differences in opinions between generations considering the age gaps that come with them. It doesn’t make much sense to expect the same mentalities and mindsets from a person who is in their 70s versus someone who is in their 20s because life itself has significantly changed over the course of time. But, that isn’t to say that there can’t be cooperation, understanding and similar opinions between generations, because I personally believe there certainly can be.

I would argue that a lot of us are unaware of how detrimental the dislike from generation to generation currently is and will continue to be as new generations continue to come into existence. But is really is problematic, and we are witnessing the implications of this tension already and will continue to do so unless there is a collective effort to challenge this mentality. The harmful judgments that divide one generation from another does absolutely nothing to encourage social progression, and this issue requires attention before it continues to worsen.

How can we really expect social change to occur if we continue to support and perpetuate hatred for generations we are not a part of? The divide between generations is wide enough, and I don’t think it needs to get any wider.

We could all benefit from relating to and welcoming the beliefs of different generations in an attempt to close the gap between them.

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