Is Lululemon worth the money?

Anyone who has heard of Lululemon Athletica before likely knows the price tag attached to any of their products. I can recall being in elementary school and longing for the classic Lululemon sweater all the gals wore, only to discover the cost of them and quickly coming to the realization I potentially wouldn’t ever own one.

Not unless I had enough of my own money to purchase one for myself, anyways.

I think I grabbed my first pair of Lulu pants when I was in grade nine, possibly a little earlier. That was roughly twelve years ago, and I still have them. They aren’t perfect, but the quality and shape stand, which I think is pretty fucking awesome considering how long I’ve had them, and how often I wear them.

Blaine got me a pair of leggings from Lulu a few years ago for Christmas, and just recently I purchased a sweater I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. In total, I own three items from Lulu, and while the prices of some items may seem astronomical and, to a point, are, certain Lululemon items are, in my opinion, worth the cost because of the durability and longevity that accompanies their merchandise.

There are definitely items I would never purchase from Lulu because of the high prices, for example, socks or sports bras. I’m quite content buying these products from somewhere far more affordable, for example, Walmart or a small business of some sort. But other items, for example, ones I plan on using and wearing for a significant period of time, are ones I would consider purchasing from Lululemon for a higher price because I know they’re going to last and be of use to me for a while.

Lululemon is arguably not a company anyone can afford, and I acknowledge my privilege in being able to purchase from them occasionally. Their products are expensive, but there are some that are undoubtedly worth the money.

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