Read this for some homemade Christmas decor inspiration

There are quite a few of us who collect decorative pieces to commemorate certain holidays throughout our calendar year. Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas are arguably the most common holidays we typically decorate our houses for, but I am sure there are some I’m missing as well.

Much like a gift, homemade things are often more meaningful, sentimental, and they add character. So, because so many of us decorate both the inside and outside of our houses for Christmas, I wanted to share some DIY Christmas decor ideas with all of you to get the creative juices flowing. These ideas come from

  • Make homemade ornaments for your Christmas tree using twigs and sticks found in your yard
  • If you’re savvy with carpentry, try your hand at making a homemade advent calendar
  • Make a table runner using wrapping paper
  • If you can sew, make some homemade stockings
  • Create a miniature tree using Christmas ornaments
  • Make some homemade garland using dehydrated orange slices
  • Spiff up your tree by making homemade snowflake ornaments using lace
  • Wrap a cactus (or other plants) in garland and ornaments and turn it into an alternative Christmas tree
  • Make some homemade candles using essential oils and scents that remind you of Christmastime
  • Create some centrepieces using large mason jars, cranberries, and greenery

These are just a few of the ideas provided via the website I linked above, so be sure to check out all of the creative DIY decor ideas has to offer. Some of these crafts are more complex than others, but the majority of them seem simple enough to make.

These homemade Christmas decorations could easily be made with help from friends and family; perhaps making some of these things will become a Christmas tradition for you and your loved ones.

Perhaps you’re like me and would prefer to buy decor than make it, but I’m trying to appeal to everyone here.

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