All hail L’Oréal Paris Telescopic mascara

Mascara, for me, personally, has always been an absolutely essential component in my makeup routine. I have smaller, hooded eyes, so when I don’t wear mascara, people typically ask me if I am exceptionally tired, or exceptionally sick.

Being a woman is just grand sometimes, I’ll tell ya.

I’ve tried my share of mascara over the years, and to date, only two have stood out for me; Covergirl’s Super Sizer mascara, and L’Oréal Paris’ Telescopic mascara. The reason these two mascaras are the only ones I’ve had any success with is that I have rather oily skin, and neither of these items leaves product transfer on my eyelids. It’s never a good day when you use the bathroom after socializing for a few hours only to discover your mascara is now resting just below your eyebrow.

I’ve been using the Covergirl Super Sizer for a few years now, but the tube I was using recently expired, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to grab a new tube yet. So, like any other daughter would do, I busted open my mom’s makeup drawer and used hers, which happened to be L’Oréal Paris’ Telescopic mascara.

Is sharing makeup in any form sanitary? No, it is not. I realize this and borrowed my mom’s anyways, so shoot me.

Using the L’Oréal Paris Telescopic mascara prompted me to realize how damn much I love this stuff because I used this mascara for years prior to the Covergirl one. The Covergirl Super Sizer is better than the L’Oréal Paris Telescopic in terms of not transferring onto my eyelid, but the length and volume I get with the Telescopic mascara are unbeatable. I was blown away by how good this shit is, and I’m pleased I was reminded via raiding my mom’s makeup stash. Both of these mascaras are great and affordable, but if I was forced to pick one, it would be L’Oréal Paris Telescopic mascara.

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