The significance of taking the time to explore what we love

The other day, I had a bit of a twilight zone moment, if you will. I was exercising in my basement, and for some unknown reason, my mind was suddenly inundated with memories from when I was playing the sport of rugby, which I loved. It was a passion of mine, when I was playing, and the flood of recollections of when I was still active in the sport actually made me a bit emotional. I probably looked like an absolute imbecile if anyone happened to see me in my basement because I started playing a mock mini-game to remind my body of the maneuvers and moves I once did regularly, like tackling, so it’s fortunate our basement is a bit like a dungeon in terms of visibility.

Recalling my athlete days then prompted me to consider how much I love, and miss, freelance writing. I snagged a writing job right out of school and absolutely hated it, and my shitty experience in this particular job, unfortunately, left a sour taste in my mouth in terms of writing. Sure, I post on here every day, but even that has become more of a chore for me, or a daily task to complete, as opposed to something I actually enjoy doing.

It is a sad realization when we allow ourselves to take a moment and ponder all sorts of things we love doing, but, for whatever reason, we don’t do anymore. But, these realizations are the only way we are able to recognize what we may be longing to do once again, so while they’re a bit disheartening, they’re also enlightening.

If there is something you once loved to do, I encourage you to take some time to be able to do this thing once more. Life itself is hard enough, so if there is something that can bring us happiness, why not grab it by the coattails?

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