Challenging the concept of being a Bridezilla

The term Bridezilla is one most of us have likely heard of before. Normally, in my own words, it refers to a person who is engaged to be married who may not necessarily be the nicest in regards to wedding planning as a whole.

Some indications that may suggest someone is being a Bridezilla include, but are not limited to:

  • Ridiculous expectations from the groom, in-laws, friends, family and the wedding party
  • Being downright nasty in terms of behaviour, attitude, and treatment of others
  • Demanding that they be the centre of attention leading up to and on the big day
  • Making preposterous demands from everyone affiliated with the wedding and planning
  • Having frequent meltdowns and tantrums
  • Bullying others to get what they want

Shockingly, I’ve heard not one, but several folks over the course of my life actually defend Bridezillas and attribute their barbarous behaviour to wedding stress. I’m sorry, but considering I myself am engaged and mine and my fiancé’s wedding is less than six months away, I cannot justify any bride behaving this way, for any apparent reason. Is wedding planning stressful? Yes. Are there days in which you want nothing more than to murder someone? Yes. Are either of these examples justification for acting like a Bridezilla? I think the fuck not.

Your wedding day is a big one, obviously. I get it, as I’m sure anyone who is married would agree. But, your wedding day does not pose as an excuse to walk around wreaking havoc like a rabid possum, tearing up everyone and everything in sight that may propose a slight inconvenience to you. You’re a grown-ass woman, Becky, not a toddler, so quit acting like one for the sake of everyone around you that wants nothing more than to stuff your head in a wood chipper.

That may have been an excessively colourful description, but I’m hoping I got my point across, loud and clear.

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