Have you seen ‘The Gray Man’?

A few nights ago, Blaine and I decided to watch ‘The Gray Man’ via Netflix. I would like to take full credit for recommending this particular film to Blaine; he hadn’t heard anything about it, but once I told him I had heard plenty of good things, we decided to give it a go.

‘The Gray Man’ is a 2022 film starring Ryan Gosling as Six, Ana de Armas as Dani, and Chris Evans as Lloyd. The movie begins by depicting Six, who is incarcerated for a rather serious crime, chatting with a man named Fitzroy, played by Billy Bob Thorton. Fitzroy is a recruiter for a specific CIA program referred to as Sierra, and he basically seeks out folks who have landed a hefty prison sentence and offers them freedom if they agree to work for Sierra. Six agrees, and while he works for Sierra for quite a few years, he soon begins questioning the program itself and its motives, and unintentionally uncovers a rather tremendous secret that the program has been hiding.

After his accidental discovery, Six becomes the most wanted man in the realm of CIA agents as a significant bounty is put on his head as a reward for his death.

I should mention that this movie has not been the recipient of positive reviews from critics, but according to the general population of average movie-watchers, it checks all of the boxes, and I am inclined to agree. Is it a little cliché at times in terms of action movie tropes? A bit, but trust me when I say this is one hell of an exciting movie to watch.

‘The Gray Man’ plays on themes evident in ‘The Bourne’ movies as well as the ‘John Wick’ films, and does so in a creative, funny, and intriguing way. Blaine and I enjoyed it, and if action movies are your thing, it’s worth watching.

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