Is ‘Stranger Things’ worth the hype?

I am fully aware that I’m a little late hopping on the Stranger Things bandwagon. The show has been around for a hot minute, and while I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while now, I’ve been in a vicious cycle of watching and rewatching Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla and The Last Kingdom.

If you’ve watched any of the three shows I just mentioned, you will understand why I’ve been struggling to pull myself out of a rather deep Viking hole. They’re all absolutely fucking phenomenal.

Could I continue watching these three shows on repeat for the rest of my days? Honestly, I think I probably could, and I imagine I would be quite content in doing so. However, not wanting to rob myself of other cinematic masterpieces, I finally bit the bullet and decided to tune into Stanger Things.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who, like me, is late getting around to watching this show, and seeing as I’m only a few episodes into the first season, I can’t really offer much in terms of fine details and plot intricacies. I can, however, comment on how I am finding the show so far, and as of right now, I am seriously enjoying it.

The show takes place in Indiana in the ’80s, and the first episode begins with some serious excitement, creepiness, and suspense. The suspense has continued through every episode I’ve finished, and I’m loving it; I can appreciate a show that actually gets me on the edge of my seat, and Stanger Things is doing just that.

I’m liking all of the characters and their individual and group dynamics so far, plus there is some solid humour mixed in with the tense moments, so it serves as some much-needed dramatic relief. As of right now, I’m hooked, and I’m looking forward to watching more.

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