Is ‘Stranger Things’ worth the hype?

I am fully aware that I’m a little late hopping on the Stranger Things bandwagon. The show has been around for a hot minute, and while I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while now, I’ve been in a vicious cycle of watching and rewatching Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla and The Last Kingdom. If you’ve … More Is ‘Stranger Things’ worth the hype?

Is ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ better than ‘Vikings’?

It is no secret that I have a slight obsession with Vikings and the Viking era in history. Ever since I stumbled across the insanely popular and successful television series ‘Vikings’, I have been positively hooked, and, I think, for good reason. Vikings, while a tad barbaric and uncouth, were rather remarkable people in terms … More Is ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ better than ‘Vikings’?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: so much more than a comedy

I’m a tremendous fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Andy Samberg has always been one of my favourite actors in Hollywood, and he does not disappoint in his role as Jake in the show, a hilarious and sometimes clueless detective in New York City in the 99th precinct. And, aside from being ridiculously funny, Samberg and the … More Brooklyn Nine-Nine: so much more than a comedy