Is ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ better than ‘Vikings’?

It is no secret that I have a slight obsession with Vikings and the Viking era in history. Ever since I stumbled across the insanely popular and successful television series ‘Vikings’, I have been positively hooked, and, I think, for good reason. Vikings, while a tad barbaric and uncouth, were rather remarkable people in terms of what they achieved and accomplished in their time, and we can thank them for a lot of things we still make us of today, for example, spices, hair combs, tweezers, the magnetic compass, and razors, to name a few. They’re also responsible for seriously influencing European and Scandinavian economic development through trade.

On top of being intelligent individuals, Vikings embody what I believe to be infinite toughness, if you will. Vikings were true badasses, and the limits they pushed themselves to mentally and physically while on voyages and raids are insane. I also have tremendous respect for the fact that women fought on the battlefield just as much as men did, and from my own learnings and observations, female Vikings were given a lot more respect and freedom than other women, for example, Saxon women, in this period of time.

I’ve watched ‘Vikings’ more times than I can count, so when ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ was announced, to say I was pumped is an understatement. I was fucking ecstatic, and while I’m just getting around to watching it now because I finished up the final season of ‘The Last Kingdom’, so far, it’s damn good.

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ takes place 100 years after Ragnar Lothbrok had his reign, who is one of the main characters in ‘Vikings’. Featuring an entirely new group of characters, ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ focuses on storylines of Vikings who were also crucial components in paving the way to make their own names legendary amongst Vikings.

So, is ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ better than ‘Vikings’? As of right now, it is too early to tell, but I do think there is some serious potential for it to be better than the original.

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