Let’s start a gratitude list

A little while ago, I composed a post discussing gratitude. I emphasized the significance of recognizing what we are grateful for in our daily lives because it is so easy to take things for granted when we get caught up in daily routines and habits, and I truly believe acknowledging what we are thankful for … More Let’s start a gratitude list

Vikings: Valhalla – season two shenanigans

I wouldn’t say I’ve been shy in expressing and sharing my love for all things Norse with you, my lovely readers. I find the Viking period of history, as well as Vikings themselves to be astoundingly admirable people in what they accomplished in their time on this earth, and I believe their ingenuity and warrior/farmer … More Vikings: Valhalla – season two shenanigans

Can we talk about how brilliant the Vikings were?

It would be fair to speculate that when a lot of us think about Vikings, and the Viking era, scenes of brutality, violence, pillaging and raiding come to mind. And, to be fair, this is factual speculation in the sense that the Vikings can be described with the terms mentioned in the former sentence. As … More Can we talk about how brilliant the Vikings were?

Is ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ better than ‘Vikings’?

It is no secret that I have a slight obsession with Vikings and the Viking era in history. Ever since I stumbled across the insanely popular and successful television series ‘Vikings’, I have been positively hooked, and, I think, for good reason. Vikings, while a tad barbaric and uncouth, were rather remarkable people in terms … More Is ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ better than ‘Vikings’?