Let’s start a gratitude list

A little while ago, I composed a post discussing gratitude. I emphasized the significance of recognizing what we are grateful for in our daily lives because it is so easy to take things for granted when we get caught up in daily routines and habits, and I truly believe acknowledging what we are thankful for is a highly beneficial practice for all of us to engage with.

Gratitude lists and/or journals are mediums a lot of folks use these days to exercise mindfulness, and I thought it would be appropriate to create one with all of you. When we pause to ponder all of the things we are appreciative of in our lives, it can be difficult to designate specifics as the process can be somewhat overwhelming. Creating a gratitude list is a wonderful place to start when it comes to identifying things we are grateful for, and they don’t necessarily have a set start or finish, meaning they can be as lengthy or as brief as we so desire.

Feel free to use any of my own gratitude points as a reference to spur your own list into being.

  • Having constant access to food and water, and hot, clean, running water at that
  • Electricity/power/hydro
  • Gas/fuel
  • Heating and/or air conditioning
  • Internet, wifi and technological advancements
  • A structurally safe, sound, secure and beautiful space to call home that Blaine and I were fortunate enough to help influence the design of
  • Affordable rent
  • Wonderfully supportive, generous and loving parents, a big sister, husband, friends, pets and animals
  • Financial stability
  • Employment
  • My family’s farm, farming/agriculture as a concept, and my family’s history and roots in farming
  • The ability to speak, read and write
  • My speaking, reading, writing, and English talents and abilities
  • My former rugby and athleticism talents and abilities
  • Physical and mental independence and mobility
  • The fact I possess all five senses and can use them independently
  • Bodily autonomy
  • Rights and freedoms as an individual
  • Rights and freedoms as a woman
  • Where I live in the world, meaning a progressive, developed region
  • Who I am as a person, meaning my personality, my physical traits, my beliefs, morals, values and spirituality
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • The fact that I own my own vehicle
  • Good weather
  • Good crops
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Pasta
  • The ability to love and be loved
  • The ability to laugh and make others laugh
  • My resilience
  • My health
  • The experiences I’ve gained in life
  • The travelling I’ve done
  • My education
  • Television and film streaming services
  • Viking/Medieval-inspired historical period pieces in television and film
  • Lenny, Lionel, Blue, Remi, Finn, Sully, Gemma, Peach and Otis
  • My family

I am certainly missing some, but here is hoping my exemplary gratitude list can encourage you to start your own.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/320007/pexels-photo-320007.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1


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