Vikings: Valhalla – season two shenanigans

I wouldn’t say I’ve been shy in expressing and sharing my love for all things Norse with you, my lovely readers. I find the Viking period of history, as well as Vikings themselves to be astoundingly admirable people in what they accomplished in their time on this earth, and I believe their ingenuity and warrior/farmer lifestyle is one that should be celebrated, and further, preserved.

Vikings: Valhalla is a spinoff of the original Vikings television series that takes place 100 years after Ragnar Lothbrok paved the way for his Viking descendants regarding his raids and discoveries of England and Paris, France. With a new slew of characters, problems and battles, boring would certainly not be a term to describe the original Vikings series or Vikings: Valhalla. Leif Eriksson, played by Sam Corlett, Freydis Eriksdotter, played by Frida Gustavsson, and Prince Harald Sigurdsson, played by Leo Suter, are the main characters of Valhalla, with Leif and Freydis playing siblings who come from Greenland, and Harald being Freydis’ lover and the father of her son.

Season two of Valhalla was as intense, bloody, action-packed and violent as the first season, and the introduction of some new and temporary characters did help make to make the plot and the dynamic amongst the characters a bit more interesting. I don’t want to give out any major spoilers and ruin it for anyone, so I won’t name names in the sense of who is still upright and who ain’t, but one character I became very fond of rather quickly is Mariam. She’s the shit.

I will say Harold’s behaviour in this second season tested my patience once or twice, and I firmly believe he needs to get his shit in line in order to actually become King of Norway. Freydis is absolutely killing it as a badass Keeper of the Faith/shield maiden, though, for anyone wondering.

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