Bio gel nails: yes or no?

When I was in university, I endured a phase during which I would get my nails professionally done every few weeks or so for roughly two years. When I say I would get my nails done, I’m not talking about a basic manicure; I would get bio gel nails.

For anyone unfamiliar with bio gel nails and the process of having them done, essentially, in my own words, the nail technician will glue a fake nail to your actual nail. They will cut it into whatever shape and length you desire (within reason) and then apply the bio gel to the fake nail glued to your actual nail.

It’s quite the process.

After the gel has dried, polish or a design goes on, and you’re set. To get an entire set of bio gel nails applied, you’re looking at about an hour-and-a-half to two hours in the salon, based on my own experiences.

I take no issue with anyone who gets their nails done frequently. I stopped because it was becoming too expensive, but I had bio gel nails applied once more for my wedding.

Considering I went without fake nails for an extended period of time, I somewhat forgot what to expect with these puppies. I cannot believe the durability of these things – I’ve had mine on for about a month-and-a-half now, and I’ve only lost two.

My nails look rough as hell right now because the fake nails have grown out rather significantly, but even the polish applied is just now starting to chip.

I’m someone who picks at the skin around my nails, and I found when I’m sporting fake nails, the picking is diminished. These things are also harder than titanium, so they’ve actually come in handy working on the farm once or twice.

Bio gel nails, in my opinion, are a yes. I don’t imagine wearing them consistently for years on end is overly beneficial for your actual nails, but on occasion, they’re great.

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