Are Gain Fireworks worth trying?

When I was still living with my mom and dad, I was fortunate and privileged in the sense that my mom took care of our entire family’s laundry. Sure, I helped out with it occasionally, but my mom takes full credit for doing laundry for a large component of my life.

My mom is rather passionate about using products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals among other things, so she uses unscented laundry detergent, for the most part. Now that I’m out of my parents’ house and doing laundry for Blaine and I, my approach to laundry is a wee bit different than my mom’s.

I sweat easily, and I work on a farm, so my clothes are pretty fucking raunchy sometimes. The same goes for Blaine – he doesn’t sweat as easily as I do, but he gets rather dirty at his day job, then gets even dirtier after work when he goes to his farm to do chores. Our clothes could choke a dead horse, so scented laundry detergent is a must in our home.

I use Kirkland brand detergent, but I purchased some Gain Fireworks to throw in with our dirty clothes to see if they would help with stubborn and lingering odours. This shit works, my friends, and I am thoroughly pleased with how these little guys perform in terms of enhancing the smell of rank clothing.

Gain Fireworks smell quite strong when you sniff them directly from the bottle they come in, but they don’t leave a heavy scent in the clothing they’re washed with. Rather, your clothes come out of the wash smelling fresh, clean, and very lightly scented.

I really like using Gain Fireworks when I’m washing particularly gross clothing, and they’re not overly expensive. If you see them next time you’re out and about, consider giving them a try the next time you do a load of laundry.

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