Looking for an all-around beneficial hair product? Check this out

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. As I’ve stated several times here on my blog before, as much as I enjoy and appreciate having long locks, at times I am significantly tempted to grab my husband’s clippers and shave it off. When I’m feeling the urge to buzz it, it’s usually because I’ve reached my limits dealing with knots and tangles, which happens more often than not.

I have, however, come across a hair product that not only assists in detangling and keeping things smooth, but further offers a multitude of additional benefits. The product in question is oligo’s 18 IN 1 HAIR BEAUTIFIER, and I would be happy to discuss it with all of you.

My mom actually got me this product for my birthday earlier this year after her hairdresser recommended it, and I can see why. According to the oligo website, this spray offers the following:

“This lightweight mist prepares, protects and beautifies the hair while delivering 18 essential benefits.

– Specially formulated for highlighted, bleached and colour treated hair
– Enriched with 11 amino acids and argan oil for optimal hydration and shine
– 100% vegan ingredients

1 – Provides light conditioning / 2 – Protects against colour fade / 3 – Restores shine and luster /4 – Hydrates / 5 – Detangles / 6 – Reduces blow-drying time /7 – Enhances manageability

8 – Protects from free radicals / 9 – Protects against heat damage / 10 – Smoothes split ends / 11 – Prevents breakage / 12 – Strengthens / 13 – Revitalizes the hair’s natural protective layer / 14 – Protects against environmental damage

15 – Controls porosity / 16 – Controls frizz / 17 – Reduces static / 18 – Provides silky feel,” the web page explains.

The only benefit this product offers that isn’t relevant to me is the colour-treated hair bit, but aside from this, I can confirm that this spray does everything it claims to and then some. I absolutely notice a difference when I put this stuff in my hair versus when I forget to, and it has made a positive difference in the overall health of my hair. It retails for roughly $30, depending on where you purchase it from, but I do certainly recommend giving it a try.

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