… and some more random facts about life

As promised, today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s subject matter – quite random facts about life that I hope you find relatively, or at least somewhat, interesting to read. These facts are as random as they are diverse, so here’s hoping we can all learn a thing or two from this information.

Again, these facts come from bestlifeonline.com.

“A wild dog is the most successful predator in the animal kingdom.

Medicine bottle foil seals exists because of poison.

Sears used to sell houses.

There’s an encrypted monument outside the CIA.

Manhattan tap water isn’t kosher.

Cold water is just as cleansing as hot water.

Water bottle expiration dates are for the bottle, not the water.

A hiker found and returned an ancient wallet.

South Koreans are four centimeters taller than North Koreans.

The world’s most successful pirate was a woman.

Beloved children’s book author Roald Dahl was a spy.

NASCAR drivers can lose up to 10 pounds in sweat due to high temperatures during races.

Pineapples were named after pine cones.

Cap’N’Crunch’s full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch.

Apple briefly had its own clothing and lifestyle line in 1986.

The IKEA catalog is the most widely printed book in history.

3 Musketeers bars had three flavors until wartime rations made it too difficult to access vanilla and strawberry flavoring.

Crocodiles are one of the oldest living species, having survived for more than 200 million years.

The cracking sound your joints make is the sound of gases being released.

Your bones can multiply in density—times eight.

A Canadian woman who lost her wedding ring while gardening found it 13 years later growing on a carrot.

McDonald’s once tried to sell bubblegum-flavored broccoli to encourage kids to eat healthier.

Doritos are flammable and can be used as kindling.

It’s illegal to own only one guinea pig in Switzerland,” the web page states.

I do encourage you to click the link I provided above and read all of the facts provided via bestlifeonline.com as they’re all rather fascinating, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the one about guinea pigs in Switzerland.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/1093126/pexels-photo-1093126.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1

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