Vistaprint versus Shutterfly: Which is better?

If at any given point in your life you’ve had to make invitations, business cards, or thank you notes, there is a strong probability you’ve heard of both Vistaprint and Shutterfly. Arguably two of the biggest names in the printing game, both of these companies are top-tier in terms of recognition and branding, and the majority of folks will use either when in need of some printed materials.

I first used Vistaprint quite a few years ago. Once I had finished up all of my post-secondary schooling, I was encouraged by my professors to have some business cards made to increase my networking and connection possibilities when applying for jobs in my field.

Seeing as now I’ve done a bit of a 180 in terms of what I do for work, these business cards are entirely useless, but they did serve a purpose when they were initially made.

Fast-forward to figuring out which printing company to use to create my bridal shower and wedding invitations, as well as thank you cards. A friend of mine recommended using Shutterfly instead of Vistaprint, and so I did.

Now that I’ve used both of these companies for printing purposes, I can absolutely say that I prefer using Shutterfly. Not only is Shutterfly cheaper than Vistaprint when it comes to most of their services, but Shutterfly is also a hell of a lot easier to use and navigate than Vistaprint. I’m currently in the process of having photo albums with our wedding pictures made as Christmas gifts for family, and I haven’t had any difficulty in navigating Shutterfly’s photo album options and layouts.

Personally, I think Shutterfly owns Vistaprint’s ass when it comes to printing services, but to each their own. I probably will continue to use Shutterfly for any and all printing purposes, and if you haven’t used it, I recommend giving it a try.

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